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Our consultation services provide expert advice, research, and analysis on historical topics to organizations or individuals. We have worked with organizations, museums, historical societies, archives, libraries, and educational institutions.

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Oral History

As an Oral Historian, my ultimate goal is to collect the stories and history of communities of color, which give a broader and richer account of those people often on the margins of History. Oral Histories collect, preserve and interpret the voices and memories of people, communities, and participants in past events. It is both ancient as a tool for remembrance and recording and one of the most modern, utilizing 21st-century digital technology to capture history and marginalized voices.

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Current Project

Black Experience + Relationship to Play

The purpose of this oral history project is to observe the intersections of Blackness and play on childhood and adolescent experiences and how that shapes play and ideas of leisure as adults.

I believe that for Black people, play and leisure are acts of resistance and the lack of safe spaces is a social justice issue. As the leader of a blerd organization whose core tenet is to promote and build community around gaming, board games, comics, science fiction, and fantasy across mediums for BIPOC people, I am interested in how those interests are formed in childhood and adolescence and how those experiences shape our interests as adults.

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Other Projects

Museum exhibitionem

Museum Exhibitions

Audacious Nebraska: Descendants of DeWitty
Curator, Great Plains Black History Museum, Metropolitan Community College, Creighton University, Omaha, NE. Cherry County Historical Society, Valentine, NE. The Hastings Museum of Natural and Cultural History, Hastings, NE. Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer, Grand Island, NE. Gage County Museum, Beatrice. NE.
Northside Carnation: Historic 24th Street 1940-1960s (2016), Curator; Metropolitan Community College and Carver Bank (Bemis Center for Contemporary Art).Say Amen: The Black Church in Omaha (2015), Assistant Curator, Researcher; Great Plains Black History Museum.Leading the Way: Black Leadership in Omaha (2015), Assistant Curator, Researcher; Great Plains Black History Museum.In Their Own Image: A History of African Americans in Omaha (2014-2015), Assistant. Great Plains Black History Museum.

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Game Consultation

  • Restoration Games, 2021-2022

  • Water Bear Games, 2020

  • Renegade Game Studio, Worlds Fair 1893, 2021 Edition

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Collecting the history of my family has been a labor of love for a number of years. Along the way, I've been able to use my knowledge of history and the collected stories of my family, to piece together forgotten details.Stories are a good start, but documenting the past offers a new approach to tell the story of where we came from and what it took for ancestors to blaze trails for future generations.

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